Saturday, 28. 4. @ 17.00 – 19.00

The workshop has a practical approach to something rather intangible: connection with our inner centre through movement, dance and music.

We will use the tradition of different ethnic circular dances as well as dynamic movement practices of guided, individual dance improvisations. We will experience techniques of relaxation and meditation – such as vizualizations, mindful body consciousness, massages and sound therapy – to find our personal way of grounding, floating and flowing alone and with others.

For the workshop no previous knowledge of dance is required, nor is needed to memorise choreographies. Participants of both genders and all ages are welcome. Comfortable clothes, thick socks, water or tea for hydration is recommended.

Maria Keck
Madrid based singer, dancer, choreographer, music and massage therapist.
Creator of several flamenco fusion and world music art projects as a music composer, choreographer, dancer and singer.
Instructor of expressive dance and flamenco with a more than fifteen years of experience leading courses and intensive workshops in Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Norway, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Estonia, Japan and Argentina.

Price: 25 €
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