What do I need for the practice?
Yoga mats are available in the studio, however, you can also bring your own.
Wear clothes that are comfortable but not so baggy as to prevent the teacher from seeing your body and alerting you immediately to any mistakes you might be making during practice. We exercise barefoot or in socks.

When shall I arrive for the class and is there something I should especially know?
Arrive at the classes at least 10 minutes before they start. If you enter the room after the classes had already started, you interrupt the people already concentrating and put yourself at risk as you had missed the systematic warm-up of your body. Never enter the studio during the dedication! Please don’t ring door bell if you are already late. Read more <–
It’s recommended that you refrain from eating at least two hours before practice.
Please turn off your mobile phone. :)

What do I have to tell my teacher?
Inform the teacher about any injuries you might have, so she can help you and give advice regarding various positions. Also inform the teacher if you are pregnant.
Be tolerant and don’t forget about the limitations of your body. Listen to it always.

How do I pay?
You pay with cash or credit card in the studio before the class.