Daša Lakner

BAc (Dram.).
Head of Agniyoga Studio, yoga teacher

Love. Joy. Yoga.
Daša has a 20 years long yoga practice behind her that combined with contemporary dance. She has been teaching yoga since 2004. She is a renowned experienced yoga teacher, E-RYT 500, founder of the Agniyoga studio & yoga teacher school (basic & advanced yoga teacher training) in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Her classes and workshops are filled with her love for exploring the body, mind & spirit. Her distinctive style of yoga is based on years of experience – connecting breath and movement, good structural alignment of the body with fluidity of movement. She is leaning on the yogic tradition, but being brave enough to know what works and what doesn’t. In her teaching there will be always a thread of philosophy, mantras and meditation skilfully balanced with a asana & pranayama practice. As a teacher she creates a supportive space for people to become present and cultivate love and kindness towards themselves and others.
She has done numerous yoga trainings in Europe & India and she also competed yoga teacher training with Manju Jois and an advanced yoga teacher training with Ana Forrest who is a big influence to her.
In a parallel life she works as a dramaturg or performer. Oh, and she is a cat lover. And vegan. And wife and mama.

She is registered by American Yoga Alliance as an experienced yoga teacher E-RYT 500.

She is aware that we keep learning and growing for all our lives. Her life was full of movement and dance from early on. She studied dramaturgy and was working in theatre and & new-media arts as a producer, artist and performer. All her activities have been more and more influenced by yoga, in which she found the means and a spiritual way through life. She has done various yoga intensives, workshops and teacher trainings with renowned yoga masters around the world: Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (David Williams, Michael Gannon, David Swenson, Petra Carmichael, Govinda Kai), Vinyasa Yoga (Sandra Petra Pintarić – Dharma yoga, Seane Corn, Gabriela Bozic & Patric Broom – Jivamukti yoga). And this are only some of the teachers along her path that have inspired her and towards which she feels great gratitude and respect.
She is deepening her understanding of yoga through her own practice and enjoys passing her knowledge to others. Om Shanti

M. dasa@agniyoga.si

Katra Kodela

BSc (Psych.).
movement teacher (Franklin method®), Pilates Coach (licensed by Slovenian Fitness Alliance) Cranio-Sacral & Tuina therapist

Her interest in the individual as a psycho-physical whole draws her in various directions: towards observation and analysis on one hand and towards action and expression through movement on the other. In her school days, she was an active athlete, competing in sports dancing. She studied karate in high school, only to later return to dancing, this time to theatre, and to contemporary dance, which she is still doing today, mainly as a teacher. As a dancer, she experienced the meaning of a healthy connection to one’s body and of its functionally healthy use. She learned about anatomy and biomechanics at the Franklin Method Institute®, where she completed a 3-year course (2005–2008). In 2007, she became a Pilates Instructor (Stott Pilates) and in 2012 licensed Pilates Coach by Slovenian Fitness Alliance. Currently she teaches groups and individuals in franklin and pilates methods, leads workshops on healthy, pain-free movement, lectures on conferences (1st and 2nd Conference of Dance Medicine in Slovenia), teaches anatomy for future Yoga instructors and gives therapeutic bodywork and massage.

Her free time is spent actively as well: she is a yoga practitioner, fire juggler, taiji and qi gong practitioner, likes knitting and crocheting, reading, spending time by the sea, going to concerts, dancing, socializing at dinners and walking her two cats.
She still studies regularly at the annual Franklin Teacher Summit and several conferences and seminars of pilates.

Alenka Košorok Humar

yoga teacher

She has been studying anatomy of movement (yoga, Pilates, dance) and kinesiology of words
(likes to write and play with words) for the last 3 decades. Here she is, so many years into this journey and still passionately digging deeper: learning, discovering, growing and teaching yoga. She is a certified hatha yoga teacher who holds 3 international certificates in Hormone Yoga Therapy received by methods author Dinah Rodrigues (Hormone Yoga Therapy for Menopause, Hormone Yoga Therapy for Andropause and Stress and Hormone Yoga Therapy for Diabetes).
Alenka has also written several manuals for balance of the endocrine system to aid her in teaching her techniques. She has written also a book on Hormone Yoga (Založba Eno, 2013). Alenka is also very down to earth, practising lawyer profession for over twenty five years.

Peter Marnič

yoga teacher

He first met yoga in 2007. He discovered its deep transformative power through his personal practice. The positive effects of the practice led him to explore further and seek more knowledge of yoga. He finished the Agniyoga School teacher training in 2014. He regards yoga as a powerful tool on his path of personal development.
His classes focus on body alignment and conscious breathing and will enable you to improve the connection with your true self, with people around you and with the world that surrounds us.
He is also passionate about cycling, traveling and cooking delicious vegan food.