Program consists of 300 hours:

  • 180 hours lectures,
  • 5 hours assistance,
  • 15 hours practicum (teaching and analysing yoga classes),
  • min. 30 hours non contact hours / homework: study of literature, essay writting etc.,
  • 70 hours of regular yoga practice @ Agniyoga studio.

Lectures and workshops on:

  • history of yoga
  • paths and styls of yoga
  • anatomy and kineziology
  • astral anatomy
  • basic Sanskirt
  • pranayamas
  • kriyas
  • meditation technichs and yoga nidra
  • mantras and mudras
  • yogic diet
  • yoga teaching, learnig assisting and correct adjustments
  • practicum: asisting and teaching yoga classes in Agniyoga center

For sucessful certification a regular yoga practice in Agniyoga center is obligatory.

You will pratice your yoga teaching:

  • 3 classes for fellow yoga studens of the Teacher Training.
  • 1 class for general public on the free Yoga Marathon
  • 5 assistings on the regular class hour in Agniyoga center to adjust the practicing yogis.