Is more than just exercise. It’s a way of working with one’s body that takes into consideration our body structure and uses imagination to discover healthy ways of movement. Imaginary pictures based on anatomy and biomechanics facilitate the learning of new patterns of movement. The more flexible we are, the more creative our minds become. Experiential anatomy is not about trite knowledge but rather about increasing our understanding and awareness of our bodies. It teaches the individual what’s good for them and what isn’t, helping them better observe and listen to themselves.
Workshops focus on making ourselves aware of incorrect habits of movement and posture, and teach us to relax our habitual tensions and to discover or start feeling “new” muscles. The aim is to improve flexibility and to expand the awareness of our bodies. Also the power of “core” muscles will be increased, our coordination, and our trust in our own bodies. The workshops consist of strengthening exercises with a rubber band, balance and stability exercises, simple dance sequences … The workshops are suitable for individuals of any age.

Workshops in 2018/19:
2-hour workshops will be held on Saturdays @ 10.00 am:
22. September
20. October
3. November
26. January
30. March

Price for the workshop: 25 €

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