Saturday & Sunday, 7. & 8. 9. 2019

Saturday, 7th September: 10:00-17:00 incl. 1-hour lunch break (max. 10 students – exact timeframe of the worksop depends on the number of participants)
Sunday, 8th September: 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:00. (max. 10 students)

Z nami bo ponovno Robert Henderson! Čudovit učitelj in terapevt, ki zna prizemeljeno in rahločutno približati subtilne energije znotraj in okrog nas širokemu krogu ljudi. Delavnica je primerna za vse, ki ste na poti raziskovanja različnih terapevtskih praks (joga, masaže) pa tudi za vse ki si želite malce odpreti in razširiti obzorja. Res toplo priporočamo! Vabljeni! Delavnica bo potekala v angleščini.

In your body, out of your body and beyond.

Welcome to a weekend of energy exercises and meditations designed to move you, in full consciousness, through the third, fourth and fifth dimensions of being. The mind, the heart and the spirit.

On the first day, we start by gently moving your awareness from your mind into your body; from seeing with your eyes open what is outside you to seeing with your eyes closed what is inside you. Once inside your body, we will then slowly begin the process of ascension through the levels of consciousness in your body through the awakening of the energies of each of your seven energy chakras. We start at the beginning of life, in your root chakra, ascending up through your growing being into your heart and then out through the portals of your sixth and seventh chakras where your consciousness comes to meet that of the heavens and the universe. The bridge linking you to the beyond. This will be a partner exercise, allowing all participants to not only experience the different levels of their own body consciousness, but the levels of consciousness of a practice partner too.

On the second day, we enter the beyond through two simple yet very powerful meditations. The first is called ‘A conversation with 5 gods’ and enables you to experience a direct connection with the energies or consciousnesses of 5 deities: Buddha, Kwan Yin, Jesus, Krishna and Mother Meera. Within the connection, you will be able to have a conversation with each of the deities in the same way you would have a normal everyday conversation with your best friend. The second meditation is a one-on-one with Kwan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion. Of all the teachers I have met along my way, she is the most surprising, the most multi-faceted, the strongest, the most gentle, the most heavenly and the most down-to-earth. Everything she has shared with me and with everyone else who connects with her has been absolute gold! A one-to-one with her is the perfect way to bring the beyond, the out of the body and the in your body together.

Participants can choose to come for one day or both.

Saturday 7 September: 70
Sunday 8 September: 50 €


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+ Spots for therapy with Robert H. between Sunday and Wednesday after the WS (price 75 €) – write to for more info!