Agni yoga
Yin yoga
Hormon yoga

Agni yoga

Our yoga focuses on the combination of movement with breathing.
It is a type of Vinyasa / Flow Yoga where asanas flow fluidly, and is a physically demanding class. It stresses awareness of the body, its strength and flexibility. It is combined with all the classical yoga elements: pranayama, mantras, meditation.

YOGA 1: for all that are new to yoga or wish a more gentle approach at the practice.

YOGA 2: all levels of experience are welcome!

YOGA 2/3: for all that already know our method/practice, and want some new challenges.

The following is an explanation of some common terms / principles:

Ujjayi breath – during practice we breathe through our nose, using a special breathing technique (pranayama) that additionally warms and detoxifies the body.
Vinyasa – “nyasa” means “to move, “vi” means “in a special manner”. It’s a flowing, free movement when the body and breath are connected.
Yoga – means the unification of the body, mind & spirit with higher universal energy.
Om – is a mantra (sound) representing the universe. It calms the body and the spirit.
Bandha – is an energy barrier created by contracting our muscles.
Trishtana – three points of focus: asana, pranayama and drishti.

Yin yoga

Yin yoga is a practice focused on passive asana holds for longer periods of time. It includes variations of seated and supine asanas, usually held for 5 minutes. That way we access the connective tissues in the body – ligaments, tendons and muscle fascias, allowing the body to relax the habitual tensions. Yin yoga practice improves joint flexibility, it promotes the formation and flow of sinovial fluid in the joints, making them stronger and healthier. It releases the interconnected fascias throughout the body, opening a way for better posture. It learns us to become still and start observing the perceptions, feeling and emotions that surface during the practice. It trains and prepares the body and the mind to meditation. It complements more active styles of yoga really well, providing the practitioner with a different focus and perspective. Yin yoga can greatly help in reducing stress and anxiety levels, after the practice you will be relaxed and at ease.

Hormon yoga therapy – only for women

Introduces a holistic approach to different imbalanced hormonal status (menopause, andropause, diabetes, PMT, polycystic ovaries, infertility, etc), working the physic and energetic bodies, with a series of exercises to reach a hormonal balance. It’s a natural treatment along the line of energetic yoga, for hormone problems. It has special asanas to reactivate and balance hormone production and, as a consequence, it eliminates most symptoms of menopause, it prevents of osteoporoses and cardio-vascular diseases. HYT was created by Brazilian Yoga Teacher prof. Dinah Rodrigues.
In HYT we work mainly with individual pranic energy. Activating it and sending it to several parts of the body. With energetic exercises of dynamic yoga, specific pranayamas and Tibetan energy techniques, HYT acts directly on the hypophysis, thyroid, ovaries (or testicles), pancreas and adrenal glands, but has influence on all the glands and organs (liver, kidneys) of endocrine system.

Private classes

If you wish you can also take individual or paired classes.  All our courses can be done on the individual level of your needs and knowledge. Also prenatal yoga is possible as a private class.
You can design yourself a perfectly customized timetable as we arrange each class separately.

Company offer

We organize special company classes, fit to your needs; together we can set the time-frame of the classes and their difficulty level. The aim of the classes is team-building, increasing productivity, mental and physical health, and well-being of your employees.
Classes can also be individual or semi-individual.

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