Chantal Hauser, photo: silvano zeiter / lululemonch
photo: silvano zeiter / lululemonch


Save the date: 4. & 5. February 2017
Lots of fun time with Chantal!

Price: one workshop: 25 € / 3 workshops: 70 € 

Saturday, 4. February 2017
10:00 – 12:00 Hips and Core | Connect to your Spirit
Nurture your hips and core in this workshop. We will work all around the pelvic region, strengthening our inner hips and breathing into the core. Discover your hamstrings and quads in powerful standing postures and unveil your core strength with fun Inversions. Open up in your hips and connect to the gut. This workshop will make you change your perspective.

14:00 – 16:00 Armbalances and Gravity Surf | Be Playful
Moving on your hands, using shoulders and breath to connect into the agility of the hips and surf the air. Flirt with gravity and experience the world upside down in this workshop.
Connecting ourselves to softness while defying gravity. Using the psoas muscle amongst others to feel connected to space.

Sunday, 5. February 2017
10:00 – 12:00 Backbends + Twists | Let go of old Habits
Access deep and hidden places in your back, move your spine into freedom. We will work with twists, core and the diaphragm to open up and dive into the unknown. Cleansing out hardened places around the heart and chest area. Tap into new depths of strength in your muscles and in yourself.

About Chantal:
Chantal is a certified Forrest Yoga teacher and assists Ana Forrest occasionally at her teacher trainings and workshops. She has completed the Foundational and the Advanced training with her and is grateful to have found a system that allows her to grow as a teacher. “My style is to teach authentically with some fun. I have strong classes that make you work in a healthy and safe way. I assist my students frequently and adjust the class to their individual needs, especially when working with an injury.” Chantal has been regularly practicing various styles of yoga for over 9 years and also practices Zazen, Pranayama and Ashtanga Yoga. She loves movement and anything to do with it and nature. She carries Hanuman in her heart.

A non-native New Yorker Chantal was born in Zurich, raised in the Swiss Mountains and grew up in New York City. Yoga has saved her life on more than one occasion. Through and with the practice and the teaching of yoga she has found peace within. Having struggled with depression, addiction and not feeling good enough she says; “Yoga makes me understand, makes me breathe, and makes me grow.” She currently lives and teaches in Zurich, Switzerland.
Learn more about her on Facebook Chantal Hauser (@chantalhauseryoga) and

About Forrest Yoga
In Forrest Yoga the poses are held longer to make you stronger. The practice takes place in a warm room with focus on the emotional connection to the body. Forrest Yoga developed by Ana Forrest is a modern approach to an ancient system. Based on the idea of Hatha Yoga, Forrest provides a yoga practice that is anatomically safe for everyone. To learn more about Forrest Yoga go to

Bring with you to the workshop: pen and paper, water and extra towel.