This guy! I totally love his work & understanding of the body & mind! Don’t miss this chance to join on a weekend of exploration!

Saturday, 18. & Sunday, 19. April 2020

Daly schedule:
10.00 Ceremony
11.00 – 13.00 Asana
15.00 – 18.00 Hands on assists

6 hours per day!

Early bird price – registration & payment till 20.1.2020: 120 € / day, 200 € / weekend

Regular price: 140 € / day, 220 € / weekend



Saturday, 18. 4. 2020

You will be informed on the anatomy of core force transference and we will spend time playing ‘clean up’ with these movement patterns so that we are transferring our own core power into the shoulders.

This workshop also includes a short lecture and asana session that focuses on understanding the hip joint and its relationship to the lower spine.
We will explore some of the latest components of developmental physiology and apply them to our asana practice to add the therapeutic flair that takes us and our students out of pain.


Sunday, 19. 4. 2020

This session focuses on thoracic mobility and the stability of the body’s most mobile joint- the shoulders. Connect to how stability helps deepen backbend practices to levels of pure pleasure and how thoracic mobility improves breath capacity and the rest of your spine.


JAMBO TRUONG is a multi-disciplinary practitioner who specialises in functional anatomy and psycho-spiritual practices that are related to yoga and bodywork.

One of the few selected Forrest Yoga Guardians and co-founder of Yoga Bodyworkers, Jambo spends his time studying, researching and teaching in order to demystify a practice that we love to practice.

Jambo holds a degree in Complementary Medicine with special interests in Muscle Testing and Classical East Asian Medicine. He is a speaker and participates in research around Well-Being & Complexity studies and is associated with University of Northumbria & Cape Town.

Jambo also shares his passion for psycho-somatic practices he has gleaned from apprenticing with various leaders from a variety of native traditions as well as aspects of psychotherapy.

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