Ta petek 18.2. bo potekala meditacija, ki jo bo vodila učiteljica in terapevtka joge Evening Lategano.
Vstop je prost, zaželjeni pa so prostovoljni prispevki.

Meditaciaj se bo pričela ob 20.30 (naprošamo vas, da pridete okrog 20.15). Zaključila pa ob 22.00 uri.

“MSRT zdravilna meditacija” je namenjena sproščanju strahov, depresivnih stanj, pomaga k obnovi notranje moči na celični ravni in jo je razvil Swami Vivekananda Yoga Prakashana.

Več o dogodku še v spodnjem besedilu (v angleščini):

How can we manage to relax, let go and let God – a state of being which enables us to live life with faith in the world and in ourselves, and help us to live life more fully and joyfully, despite the times? The answer is MEDITATION.

Join Evening Lategano for a free “MSRT Healing Meditation Event“; a deeply relaxing, healing, restorative meditation designed to releasing stress, anxiety and depression on a cellular level; while also helping to establish greater will power, concentration and deep relaxation. MSRT was developed in India by yoga therapists at the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Prakashana, the first and most renowned yoga research, educational center and clinic to specialize in yoga therapy.

The program will begin at 20.30 and will end by 22.00, and we ask you to arrive at 20.15, so you have enough time to settle down & prepare yourself for the healing journey. Please enter the yoga room in silence, so that we ensure a sacred, healing space for everyone participating in the event. I will lead a 10-15 minute talk before the meditation begins, to highlight the most relevant points so that you can gain the maximum benefit from the meditation experience.

The event is free, but we will gratefully accept donations, which will go toward the cost of the room, with the rest of the money being offered to an animal shelter.