Saturday & Sunday, 23. & 24. 6. 2018
10.00 – 15.00
Price: 120 € (Early Bird till 2. 5. & Agni members 110 €)

Z nami bo ponovno Robert Henderson! Čudovit učitelj in terapevt, ki zna prizemeljeno in rahločutno približati subtilne energije znotraj in okrog nas širokemu krogu ljudi. Delavnica je primerna za vse, ki ste na poti raziskovanja različnih terapevtskih praks (joga, masaže) pa tudi za vse ki si želite malce odpreti in razširiti obzorja. Res toplo priporočamo! Vabljeni! Delavnica bo potekala v angleščini.

Buried under layers of life experience that have gotten in the way lies a part of you that shines with your true self. A self full of ideas; full of future, full of potential. Sometimes we get a glimpse of this self in our childhood when we unknowingly do things that we actually should have ended up doing all our lives: a writer, a dancer, a doctor, a chef, a creator. The person we were meant to have been. The person, in truth, we are still meant to be. Only that we have lost connection with that person; with that part of us.

This weekend in Ljubljana, however, it is our intention to re-connect you to that person; to bring you back into alignment with the person you have always meant to have been.

We will do this gently and lovingly through a series of meditations and energy healing. All you have to do is to come and lie-down and let us look after you.

By the end of the weekend you will know who you are, why you are and what you have to do to become the you you are.
It is a re-birth. A re-connection. A new beginning. A fresh start.

Four different meditations and healings will be offered:

1. Tuning into yourself.
Using the energy of Tesla Plates to help you tune into energy and to bring harmony to your body and your chakras and to leave you with the wonderful feeling of having all your chakras in complete alignment.

2. Clearing away old obstacles.
A meditation using the colour and energy of gold, which is the strongest of all healing energies. The purpose of the meditation is to connect you to this energy, so you can use it on yourself to bring you any healing you need to any part of your body or life, including the removal of old blockages.

3. Getting the answers.
A meditation in which you are connected to the energies of five deities, or Bodhisattvas: Kwan Yin; Buddha; Jesus Christ; Ganesha and Kali, during which you will be able to ask them for answers to the most important questions you have about life, about your life or about life in general. This is when you find out who you are.

4. Setting yourself up for the future.
A meditation in white when everything you have gathered over the weekend is sorted out and balanced in your mind and in your body. You will finish the meditation knowing what to do.

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+  Spots for therapy with Robert H. Between Sunday and Wednesday after the WS (price 75 €) – write to for more info!