Saturday, 16 March, 10:00-16:00
Sunday, 17 March, 10:00-13:00

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Welcome to the world of sexual energy. Not sex. There is a big difference. Sex is all about the who, the when, the where, and the how but sexual energy is about what underpins it all: the why. The reasons for doing it.

Keeping your sex life strong, vital and healthy isn’t about technique or frequency. It’s not about trying seven different positions a week, although that can be fun. It is about understanding the natural characteristics of your sexual energy when it first awakened in you, when it was in its purest and most healthy state and then matching your adult sexual behaviour to that state as closely as possible. The further you veer away from the natural characteristics of your sexual energy, the more your sexual energy loses its vitality and aliveness and the more it begins to slowly weaken and sicken.

It is also about understanding what, if any, negative attitude to sexual energy or harmful expression of sexual energy was present in your environment around the time your sexual energy first awakened in you. Such attitudes or expressions can cause a lifetime of sexual blockage in you if not investigated and resolved. Maybe when you were four or five, when your sexual energy first awakened in you, your parents told you to stop behaving like that otherwise it would get you into trouble. Now, as an adult, you find yourself being unable to express yourself fully in sex. What’s blocking you isn’t you. It’s what your parents taught you: behave sexually and you get into trouble. A lesson you were taught so long ago, you have forgotten it. Yet, its consequences remain.

What is also important is in understanding what type of sexual energy your partner needs to have in himself so that, in sex, he can bring the type of sexual energy that you need to trigger and explode your own sexual energy. If he has the wrong type of sexual energy, then no matter how good or creative a technician he is, he will simply never have the key that unlocks your safe.

These are the three areas of sexual energy investigation that form the basis of this weekend. The wisdom I share comes from twenty-five years of energy work and energy healing experience. Over those years, I have worked with thousands of female clients, helping them understand and heal from all types of energetic situation, not only sexual. And over those years, I got to see and understand patterns of damaging sexual behaviour and types of sexual hurt and, of course, the ways to break-free of those patterns and hurts. And it is all this information I wish to share with you here.

The workshop, comprising two days is ordered under the following topics:
What is sexual energy?
What does sexual energy feel like?
The correct uses of sexual energy
Unhealthy uses of sexual energy
The nature and origin of sexual blockage
Why he just doesn’t do it for you
Sex vs Power: Uses of sexual energy for purposes other than sexual energy
There will also be time for open Q&A.

Cost:140 €

Please note: This is not a sexual technique class. There is no sexual touch in the class. Nor is this a class about Tantra, Tantric Sex or some other similar practice.