An introduction to the human energy system

Saturday & Sunday, 1. & 2. 10. 2022

From 10.00 – 16.00 (inc. 75 minute lunch break)

1. How it all starts.
An introduction to chakras and meridians, their functions and purposes.

2. What it all feels like
Three exercises to give you a taste of energy
i) Tesla Plates – a first taste of the energies of your chakras
ii) Partner foot exercise – a hands-on exercise to see if you can pick up energetic signals from your partner’s feet
iii) Chakra Scanning – a hands-off exercise to see if you can feel the energies from another person’s chakras

3. How it affects you.
i) In your environment. How the energy of other people affects you
ii) In your work. The energy connection between therapist and client in massage
iii) In your body. How your emotional history shapes the condition of your body today

4. Did you know it is all made up of colour?
A quick dive into the energy of colour and how different colours make you feel

Cost: 200 €  / Yoga teachers: 180 €


–> Everything about Robert 
Robert Henderson is a Thai massage teacher/practitioner. He has been practicing for twenty years, specialising in energy work and emotional release. He is an authorized Sunshine Network teacher and an Instructor-level member of THAI (Thai Healing Alliance International). He is the author of the book ‘Emotion and Healing in the Energy Body’ and of many articles on theme of energy and the body in various yoga and massage journals. Robert lives in Vienna and teaches regularly throughout Europe.

+ Spots for therapy with Robert H. between Monday and Wednesday after the WS (price 85 €) – write to for more info!