Saturday, 10. 6. 2023

10:00 – 16:30 (inc. one hour lunch break)

Answers and solutions to help heal the energetic damage and hurt done to your chakras from childhood and early trauma.

A look at how, in healing ourselves, or others, of historic hurt, we have to address the energetic needs of the chakra relating to the time of the particular hurt, and to address and fulfill the hurt / damaged / unfulfilled energy / energetic need of that chakra.
For instance, in healing hurt from earliest childhood, a first chakra hurt, we have to look at the energetic needs of the first chakra and work out which, if any, have been left hurt / damaged / unfulfilled. Then, when we know or understand which elements are missing, we can work to replace / fulfill them.

For instance, in healing first chakra hurt, we have to look at what energies the first chakra needs, such as the energies of welcome, understanding, reward, rest, protection, safety and stability and then determine which are weak or are missing and so strengthen or replace them.

We go through the workshop chakra-by-chakra, with the first two chakras being the most important.

100 €  / Yoga teachers: 90 €